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New Kyocera OEM Compatible Cabinets for the TA2554 & TA3554 – will also work for the older 4002/4003 series.

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We are proud to announce our stand for the new Kyocera TA2554ci & TA3554ci machines that have recently been released. The new stand is all metal and will have a hard plastic “drawer-like” door. It will also include locator pins with a color to match.

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New TA2554-886 stand with the Kyocera TA2553ci

As Kyocera is looking to phase out the older A-3 TA3252/TA2552/4002/4003 series later on this year, we thought it might be beneficial to have a photo of the old machine on the new TA2554-886 (1290/30 – manufacturing number) as you can see above.

Like all of our other stands this one still offers storage, locator pins, and feet stabilizers at a much better price than the OEM.

If you have any questions or would like to find out the price of this stand please reach out to us at info@qqcabinets.com or give us a call at 888-831-3030. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

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