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Introducing the Virgo Stand with a Caster Base & an update to Kyocera OEM Numbers

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We’re excited to present our latest addition, the Virgo Stand with a Caster Base option! This stand offers two heights for any machine utilizing an extra PF-5150 paper tray.

The Virgo Stand provides the flexibility of two heights, catering to your specific needs. Whether you prefer the standard 18″ height or a more compact 4.5″ option if you are adding multiple paper trays, the Virgo Stand has you covered.

Upgrade your office setup with the latest stands and the innovative Virgo Stand with Caster Base. Us at QQC are here to provide solutions that adapt to your evolving needs.

Some less exciting news…regarding OEM updates regarding our popular Kyocera stands. The latest news is that Kyocera has released new OEM numbers for some of your favorite stands! 855D200802 & 855D200731 will be updating to 855D200916 and 855D200929…But fear not, these stands are as reliable and versatile as ever, seamlessly fitting into the same TA2554ci, TA5054ci, TA7054ci, TA3554ci, TA4004i, and other machine series you’ve come to trust.

Kyocera has undertaken a numbering update, so we have to ensure that our stands are aligned with the latest standards. The new OEM numbers reflect this commitment to keeping everything up-to-date, but rest assured, the functionality and compatibility remain unchanged.

But that’s not all! The 855D200656 stands are also part of this upgrade, now featuring the new OEM # 855D200915. These stands continue to be the perfect fit for TA MZ3200i & TA MZ400i machines, maintaining their reputation for reliability.

Key Points to Note:
New Virgo Stand: Explore the latest addition to our product family, designed to elevate your machine setup. It includes a cohesive fit with locator pins to ensure safety!
Two Heights, One Stand: Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between the standard 18″ height to be used with 1-2 paper trays…or the compact 4.5″ option if you are adding 3-4 paper trays.
Enhanced Compatibility: We have updated our OEM numbers to match the new compatible OEM numbers, aligning with Kyocera’s commitment to staying current in the industry.
Trusted Reliability: Our stands have been a trusted companion for your machines, and this update only reinforces their reliability and compatibility.

So, whether you’re upgrading your office equipment or simply seeking replacements, our stands are ready to serve you. Us here at Quick Quality Cabinets are committed to providing solutions that evolve with your needs.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations!

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