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Discover the Future of Copier Stands with Quick Quality Cabinets’ Sharp Hybrid BP 14 and Hybrid MX 22 Stands

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At Quick Quality Cabinets, we are excited to introduce two groundbreaking additions to our inventory: the Hybrid BP-14 Stand and the Hybrid MX-22 Stand. Set to launch this November as a Sharp OEM Comparable stand. These innovative copier stands are designed to provide unmatched versatility, stability, and affordability, setting a new standard in the copier cabinet industry.

Introducing the Hybrid BP 14 Stand

Dual-Height Assembly

  • The Hybrid BP-14 Stand can be assembled as either a high stand, similar to the Sharp (OEM) BP-DS14, or a low stand, akin to the Sharp (OEM) BP-DS15. This unique feature allows you to customize the height of your stand to suit your specific office needs.

Stability and Safety

  • Equipped with locator pins and feet stabilizers, the Hybrid BP-14 Stand ensures your copier or MFP is securely attached, minimizing the risk of tipping and enhancing workplace safety.

Seamless Integration

  • Our Hybrid BP-14 Stand is designed to color match your copier machines, ensuring a seamless transition from the stand to the machine and maintaining a professional, cohesive look in your office.

Cost-Effective Solution

  • Priced more affordably than the OEM Sharp stands, the Hybrid BP-14 Stand offers superior value without compromising on quality or functionality.

Compatible Sharp Models

  • The Hybrid BP 14 Stand is compatible with several Sharp multifunctional printers (MFPs), including:
    • Sharp BP-C535WR
    • Sharp BP-C535WD
    • Sharp BP-C545WD
    • Sharp BP-B537WR
    • Sharp BP-B547WD
    • Sharp BP-B550WD
    • Sharp BP-B540WR

Introducing the Hybrid MX 22 Stand

OEM Comparable Option

  • The Hybrid MX-22 Stand is designed as an OEM comparable option to the Sharp MX-DS22 and MX-DS23 stands, providing a reliable and cost-effective alternative for your office equipment needs.

Dual-Height Assembly

  • Like the Hybrid BP-14 Stand, the Hybrid MX-22 Stand can also be assembled as either a high or low stand, offering the same level of customization and flexibility.

Enhanced Stability

  • Featuring locator pins and feet stabilizers, the Hybrid MX-22 Stand ensures your machine is securely positioned, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety.

Seamless Design

  • The Hybrid MX-22 Stand is color-matched to your machines, ensuring a smooth and professional appearance that blends seamlessly with your office decor.

Affordable Excellence

  • Our Hybrid MX-22 Stand is priced competitively, offering a more affordable solution compared to OEM options without sacrificing quality or performance.

Compatible Sharp Models

  • The Hybrid MX 22 Stand is compatible with a variety of Sharp MFPs, including:
    • Sharp MX-B350P
    • Sharp MX-B450P
    • Sharp MX-B350W
    • Sharp MX-B450W
    • Sharp MX-C303W
    • Sharp MX-C304W
    • Sharp MX-B355W
    • Sharp MX-B455W

Why Choose Quick Quality Cabinets’ Hybrid Stands?

Our Hybrid BP-14 and Hybrid MX-22 Stands are designed with the modern office in mind, providing flexible, stable, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your copier needs. Whether you require a stand for Sharp MFPs or an OEM comparable option for other models, our hybrid stands offer the perfect blend of innovation and affordability.

For more information or to pre-order the Hybrid BP 14 or Hybrid MX 22 Stand, please contact our sales team.

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