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LX LX50-18

OEM Compatible Cabinet for XM5365 | M5265 | XM5370 etc.

(Use with 1 or 2 Paper Trays)

Quick Quality Cabinets

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 21 × 11 in
Assembled Dimensions

Width – 17.1"
Depth – 21.2"
Height – 18"

(Use with 1 or 2 Paper Trays)


Two-toned – Light Grey/Dark Grey


XM5365, XM5370, XM7355, XM7365, XM7370, B2865dw, M5255, M5265, M5270, MS725dvn, MS821dn, MS822de, MS823dn, MS824, MS825dn, MS826de, MX721adhe, MX722adhe, MX725, MX824

If you are using a HCF 2,100 sheets (50G0804) – Check out our LX40 Base as an option. You will have to remove two nobs on the bottom but that is better than paying the OEM Price!

Shipping Dimensions

Width – 23"
Depth – 21"
Height – 11"

Shipped in a Flatpak box


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Quick Quality Cabinets