Comparable to the Lexmark OEM#35S8502 & Konica Minolta OEM#9967002761 – will fit most A4 machines as long as they are able to fit within the interior shelf dimensions posted below or insert the shelf at the max level to fit larger machines.

Quick Quality Cabinets

Additional information

Weight 59 lbs
Assembled Dimensions

Width – 19.3"
Depth – 20.5"
Height – 13" to 25"

Interior Shelf Dimensions

Width – 17.1"
Depth – 18.5"


XM3250; XM1246; XM1242; B2338dw; B2442dw; B2546dw; B2650dw; B3340dw; B3442dw;
C2325dw; C2425dw; C2535dw, C3224dw; C3326dw; CS310dn; CS310n; CS331dw; CS421dn; CS521dn; CS622de; CX310dn; CX310n; CX331adwe; CX421adn; CX522ade; CX622ade; CX625ade; CX625adhe; MB2338adw; MB2442adwe; MB2546adwe; MB2650adwe; MC2640adwe; MC3224adwe; MC3224dwe; MC3326adwe; MS315dn; MS321dn; MS331dn; MS415dn; MS421dn; MS421dw; MS431dn; MS431dw; MS521dn; MS610de; MS610dn; MS610dte; MS610dtn; MS621dn; MS622de; MX321adn; MX321adw; MX331adn; MX421ade; MX431adn; MX431adw; MX432adwe; MX511de; MX511dhe; MX511dte; MX521ade; MX521de; MX522adhe; MX610de; MX611de; MX611dfe; MX611dhe; MX611dte; MX622ade; MX622adhe

Will now fit – XC2132, CS310/410/510, CX310/410/510 & XM3142


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Quick Quality Cabinets